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The Oklahoma County Medical Society is a physician membership organization that advocates for the health of our citizens and provides opportunities for physician leadership, professional development, peer networking, and advocacy.

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Oklahoma State Medical Association to sell PLICO to Berkshire Hathaway unit

The Oklahoma State Medical Association has agreed to sell PLICO Inc., the state's top medical malpractice insurer, to Berkshire Hathaway's MedPro Group. Read More

OOA and OSMA Sues Gov. Fallin

The Oklahoma Osteopathic Association and Oklahoma State Medical Association sued Gov. Mary Fallin for signing a bill that allows non-workers-comp patients to get 30 days of physical therapy without referral or oversight from a physician, in Oklahoma County Court. More information coming soon. Read More

PMP Frequently Asked Questions

Many physicians have questions about the new Prescription Monitoring Program law. Wes Glinsmann with the Oklahoma State Medical Society provides answers to frequently asked questions about PMP in a free webinar. Click 'Read More' for the video: Read More

The Paradox of Physician Communication

With all of the communication technology physicians now use, why don’t physicians communicate more with each other? Click 'Read More' to find the story. Read More

Pay Doctors For Charting Time

EMRs are so inefficient that charting isn't done real-time and many physicians stay late to finish it. Every physician and nurse who stays after shift to finish charting should be paid a regular hourly rate for their time. Click 'Read More' for the link to this article. Read More


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