About Us

The Oklahoma County Medical Society was formed in 1900 by physicians hoping to come together to solve a public health crisis in Oklahoma Territory. OCMS is a professional organization that serves as the voice of physicians in Oklahoma County. By joining OCMS, you are a part of a legacy of leaders who have helped to transform the delivery of healthcare. OCMS is unified with the Oklahoma State Medical Association.

The Oklahoma County Medical Society is a physician membership organization comprised of Oklahoma County physician members. 

The purpose of the Society is (1) to promote the art of science and medicine and the betterment of public health and (2) to unite with other county medical societies in the State of Oklahoma to compose the Oklahoma State Medical Association. For more than 100 years, OCMS has been devoted to its physician members, as well as serving the citizens of Oklahoma County.

Mission Statement

The Oklahoma County Medical Society will be the leading advocate to improve the health of our citizens and to enhance, nurture and improve the well-being of its physicians.

Vision Statement

The Oklahoma County Medical Society will:

  • promote activities that improve the health of Oklahoma County residents;
  • promote, develop and mentor physician leadership, professionalism and integrity;
  • influence health policy;
  • provide services valued by our members;
  • work in concert with other organizations toward achieving common goals;
  • be the voice of organized medicine in Oklahoma County; and
  • provide a forum for the exchange of ideas.