• Matthew J. Jared, MD – President
  • Bradley J. Margo, MD – President-Elect
  • Arielle Allen, DO – Vice-President
  • Pooja Singhal, MD – Secretary Treasurer
  • Michelle L.E. Powers, MD – Immediate Past-President
  • Maya Gharfeh, MD
  • Betsy Jett, MD
  • Randal Juengel, MD
  • Robert Leonard, MD
  • Amanda Levine, MD
  • David Korber, MD
  • Hakeem Shakir, MD
  • Nigam Sheth, MD
  • Mark Shreve, MD
  • Katherine Shepherd, DO
  • Luz Tono, MD
  • Irim Yasin, MD


  • Sherri S. Baker, MD
  • Julie Strebel Hager, MD
  • Evie Holzer, MD
  • R. Kevin Moore, MD
  • Sumit Nanda, MD
  • Duc M. Tu, MD
  • Ashley Weedn, MD
  • Ian F. Dunn, MD, FACS, FAANS, Executive Dean

  • Alison Williams, Executive Director
  • Rebecca Carr, Associate Director

The Oklahoma County Medical Society will be the leading advocate to enhance, nurture and improve the well-being of its physicians and to improve the health of our citizens.