CALL TO ACTION: Public Comment on Midwifery Rules

The Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) is taking comments until February 16 on midwifery rules that would allow VBACs, multiple births, etc. See suggested wording and copy and paste to the comment link below.

Thank you for making changes in the licensing of midwives in Oklahoma.  As a physician, I believe these changes are much needed.  There are three issues I see with the proposed rules as stated:

  • Home deliveries of women with any prior Cesarean delivery, pregnancies with multiple gestations, and planned breech vaginal deliveries are NOT supported by ACOG due to higher rates of maternal and neonatal morbidity and mortality.  We are putting the women of Oklahoma in danger if we support this practice.
  • This legislation should give Oklahoma the power to prevent dangerous practitioners from delivering babies in Oklahoma.  Surrounding states have been able to pass this type of legislation.  We ask that Oklahoma prevent the practice of any practitioner that has had their license denied, revoked, or never given.  These practitioners should NOT be allowed to deliver babies in Oklahoma.  Without this additional provision, we are unable to protect the women of Oklahoma from practitioners who are actively causing harm.  This harm has been objectively documented by numerous news outlets.
  • This legislation gives certified professional midwives the ability to prescribe medication with NO documentation of training in regards to understanding the dosing, ability to repeat doses, or contraindications.  Without that education, there is the potential to do significant harm with these medications.  We ask that either additional education be given, the formulary be restricted further, or prescribing privileges be withdrawn.

Thank you for your time.  The current legislation is flawed and does not keep Oklahoma women safe.  Please consider the changes as above.

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