Former OCMS President Named OSMA President

From the Tulsa World

An Oklahoma City physician is the latest president of the Oklahoma State Medical Association.

Dr. David Holden, an orthopedic surgeon, was elected a week ago by the organization’s House of Delegates. OSMA is the state’s largest physician organization, representing almost 4,000 physicians, residents and medical students, according to the group.

In a statement, Holden said he is devoting his year as OSMA president to “helping create a better environment for Oklahoma physicians” after the pandemic’s challenging two years.

“We’ve had to shoulder revenue decreases during shutdowns, absorb increased costs for (personal protective equipment) and medical supplies and for many of us, put our health and families on the line while fighting a rapidly-changing virus,” Holden wrote. “This, combined with the increased skepticism of science and medicine, has taken its toll on far too many of my colleagues.”

OSMA in February announced an unprecedented three-year “public relations, social media and advertising campaign focused on getting physicians and pro-science advocates elected to the legislature.”

Holden said OSMA will fight for science and medicine and support legislators who embrace science and rationality.

“We’re off to an excellent start due to advocacy efforts in the legislature that helped transform a bill that would allow contagious children to go to school into a bill that actually strengthens public health protections,” he wrote.

Holden takes over from Dr. Mary Clarke of Stillwater, who rotated out after a year at the helm. OSMA participates in recurring COVID-19 media briefings hosted by the Healthier Oklahoma Coalition, posting the videos to its Facebook page.

Holden has had several positions within OSMA, including president. He also has been a regular columnist tackling current medical issues of note for an Oklahoma City business publication, according to a news release announcing his new turn on top.

He is a past president and board member of the Oklahoma County Medical Society.