Matthew J. Jared, MD – President, OCMS

Matthew Jared, M.D. is a hospitalist with SSM Health and owner of Metro Physicians Hospitalists.  He is currently working to improve quality of care in rural and underserved Oklahoma while reducing the cost of care in those areas.  He worked to develop the Society of Hospital Medicine RADEO project and COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy Project.  He currently serves on several quality improvement committees with SSM Health including the SSM Opioid Stewardship team.  He has been working to improve opioid safety and stewardship through mentorship and continuing medical education since 2015.  Dr. Jared studied medicine at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center and graduated in 2009.  He completed residency at St. Anthony Hospital in Family Medicine in 2012.  He has helped several hospital quality improvement projects throughout his career and continues to look for new opportunities to improve safety, quality and cost of care for all patients.