R. Murali Krishna, MD, DLFAPA

R. Murali Krishna, MD, DLFAPA is a well-respected senior psychiatrist in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He is widely recognized for his dedication, compassion, mind-body expertise and skills for helping people achieve their true potential of emotional wellness.  

Dr. Krishna is community ambassador and board member for the Arcadia Trails INTEGRIS Center for Addiction Recovery. He also serves as the Founding President and a board member for INTEGRIS James L. Hall Jr. Center for Mind, Body and Spirit, an educational organization devoted to improving health through raising awareness of the healing power of the connection between mind, body and spirit. He has also served as past president of INTEGRIS Mental Health. 

In 2010, Dr. Krishna and his family established the “Dr. R. Murali Krishna Family Eliminate the Stigma Award” to honor individuals and organizations that have shown outstanding contributions to the community by eliminating the stigma surrounding mental illness and improving the lives of those affected by mental illness. The respected award is given annually at the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Oklahoma Walk in Oklahoma City.

Committed to improving the health of the people in our communities, Dr. Krishna believes that each one of us has a responsibility to care for those in need and he is grateful for the opportunity to create lasting positive changes in people’s lives. He is an expert on emotional wellness, the mind, body and spirit connection and how each one influences the other. Through his mental health and addiction recovery services, he has become an innovator and a champion for the people of Oklahoma struggling with mental health. He is often interviewed by television and print news organizations, and his tireless efforts have earned him numerous national and international awards and recognitions. Dr. Krishna was bestowed with the prestigious honor of Distinguished Life Fellow: the highest recognition given by the American Psychiatric Association.

With the assistance of his good friend, Kelly Dyer Fry, editor of The Oklahoman, Dr. Krishna wrote an inspiring and educational book entitled VIBRANT to Heal and Be Whole From India to Oklahoma City.  While working together on this project, they discussed their shared dream with other community-minded visionaries of developing a world-class center for addiction recovery here in Oklahoma to address the crisis of addiction, mental illness and trauma. Their dream became a reality when Arcadia Trails INTEGRIS Center for Addiction Recovery opened May 28, 2019 on the INTEGRIS Health Edmond campus. Dr. Krishna is one of the four founding visionaries.