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Note: AMA dues are optional.*

Regular Member
(3+ years in practice):
$580. Add $420 for AMA.

Second Year: 
(Between 1-2 years since residency/fellowship)
$505. Add $315 for AMA.

First Year:
(<1 year since residency/fellowship)
$302.50. Add $210 for AMA.

Free. $45 for AMA.

$280. Add $280 for AMA.

Partially Retired
(Less than 21 hours/week):
$302.50. Add $210 for AMA.

Fully Retired:
$302.50. Add $84 for AMA.

Approved Life:
Free. Add $84 for AMA.

Full dues explanations.
*AMA Dues Required for Resident Membership. 



OCMS is unified with the Oklahoma State Medical Association, which means members must join both and dues are collected together.

IMPORTANT: Select the Easy Pay option if you want your dues payments to be split into 3 payments. Do not select if you want to pay the entire dues amount in one transaction, or are making a donation only.

Membership in the AMA is not required. However, if you do want to be an AMA member, we strongly encourage you to pay AMA dues with your OCMS/OSMA dues as we receive a commission that helps keep our dues as low as possible.

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Please note: the portions of your 2019 dues that may be deducted as a business expense for federal income tax purposes are 100% of your OCMS dues, OSMA dues are not deductible, and 40% of your AMA dues. All contributions to the OCMS Community Foundation are tax-deductible.