House of Delegates

What is the duty of the House of Delegates?

The HoD is charged with establishing the general policies of OSMA, which include conducting necessary elections, approving association bylaws, initiate policy for consideration by the OSMA Board of Trustees, act on any policy issues, and others. Each time a vote is taken at the HoD, delegates point the association in a certain direction and have established association policy. Some policies call for immediate action – like opposing a bill in the legislature. Other policies have a long-term effect – like opposing state or national mandates. See section 6.09 of the Bylaws of the Oklahoma State Medical Association. Scroll down to register.

board meeting of doctors

What is the caucus?

Caucus meetings are held to decide how house members from each caucus should vote at the OSMA House of Delegates. Serving on the OCMS Delegation carries with it the responsibility of representing the physicians of Oklahoma County and provides an opportunity to influence policy and organized medicine. As an elected delegate, we encourage you to attend and participate in the caucus and house discussions.

What is the time commitment?

Elected delegates are selected every September within the election ballot. The OCMS Caucus occurs once a year in March; the OSMA House of Delegates meets every April as part of the annual meeting. 

How do I submit a resolution?

Contact OCMS and we can help you prepare a resolution. Resolutions could include items for OSMA to support at the AMA level (ex: national resolution of elimination of Meaningful Use); health policy within state (ex: asking OSMA to support banning minors from using tanning beds); or establish/change a policy within OSMA. For additional information on resolutions, contact us.

House of Delegates Application