RSVP for the House of Delegates


It's important that OCMS members attend the House of Delegates meeting in Tulsa. This meeting determines policy for consideration by the OSMA Board of Trustees, act on any policy issues, and others.

RSVP to the House of Delegates the OCMS Caucus here. 


Support Physician Counseling


Rustic Cuff bracelets are available to support physician suicide awareness and counseling of physicians, resident members and students in the OKC metro area.  

Three options are available.

  • Option 1- A silver cuff inscribed with “Be The Change You Want To See “
  • Option 2-A dark blue leather snap calf inscribed with “Be The Change”
  • Option 3- A turquoise, orchid, and silver beaded bracelet with OCMS logo medallion (only a few left!)

Ordering is not currently available online, so please mail a check to OCMS and stop by the office to pick up your bracelets.

For more info, contact Alison Fink. 

Physician Suicide Awareness Fundraiser


The OCMS Physician Wellness Program is selling bracelets that recognize physician suicide awareness. Order your bracelet online here:! The logo bracelet features teal and purple beads, the colors of physician suicide awareness.The cuff has an inspirational message, “Be the Change You Want to See” – reminding us of the importance of helping others in our profession succeed. The leather cuff, for men and women, features the ribbon and "Be the Change" - cementing the desire to change the future of physicians.

AMA Data Request on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Data Collection


The American Medical Association (AMA) represents all of America’s physicians regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, color, ethnicity, religion, disability or other characteristics, without discrimination or bias. Understanding the needs of all physicians means collecting vital demographic data. Our House of Delegates adopted a new policy that addresses learning more about the physician population, specifically as it relates to sexual orientation and gender identity. Having this information means the AMA will be better equipped to meet the specific needs—and better reflect the makeup—of the nation’s increasingly diverse physician community.

We are asking for your help in requesting your members’ data.  Please ask them to fill out the survey linked below. Physician responses to the AMA’s request for this personal information are entirely voluntary and will be kept completely confidential. No physician will be required to provide this information.

Physicians can access or create a free account at and provide this information.