Rustic Cuff Fundraiser


All proceeds will go to Oklahoma County Medical Society’s Physician Wellness Program, which offers FREE, 100% confidential one-on-one counseling with a licensed psychologist for members and resident members who need help with burnout, stress, anxiety and much more. Sessions are offsite, not billed to insurance, and completely private.

The logo bracelet features teal and purple beads, the colors of physician suicide awareness. The cuff has an inspirational message, “Be the Change You Want to See” – reminding us of the importance of helping others in our profession succeed. The leather cuff, for men and women, features the ribbon and "Be the Change" - cementing the desire to change the future of physicians.

Set of all 3:  $160
Metal Cuff & Sadie only: $100
Leather Cuff only: $65
Sadie beaded only: $55
Metal Cuff only: $55

ALL proceeds go to the Physician Wellness Program, and will be used to offer FREE counseling for member physicians and member residents. Your money will be used to help a fellow physician in Oklahoma County.  Bracelets can be picked up at the OCMS Office once shipped.